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RMS VSCCS Vehicle Certifier # 120009

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AKZ Vehicle Engineering is able to both create engineering solutions for the modification of your vehicle but also to certify vehicle engineering works. Here are some examples of vehicle modifications that have been certified by AKZ Vehicle Engineering. It should be noted that some of these examples were certified under previously accepted rules and regulations 


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V12 XJ13 Quad Cam 

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The Datsun 1600 Engine Conversion -SR20DET Japanese spec engine (ie a S15 ) with 6 speed gearbox, R200 LSD and S13 Silvia rack and pinion

This shows the BBS wheels with the front rotors 290mm outside diameter and 4 spot R33 skyline callipers. 


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143 cubic inch ICV and other bikes

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This F100 was converted to take 39 inch tyres, with a step ladder in the boot

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This Toyota Celica originally ran 4X4 but is now a rear wheel drive only, fitted with a twin turbo Lexus 4.0l V8

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Installation of a US Ford Fairlain 2 door shell onto an Australian 4 door chassis

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Conversion of 6 wheel boat trailer to a gooseneck coupling gvm 4490kgs.


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