Vehicle Testing Facilities to Test Your Vehicle Modifications in NSW

AKZ Vehicle Engineering and Design Service has access to several facilities for the testing and approval of vehicles for engineering purposes.

As a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in the field, bring in your vehicle for advanced vehicle testing. This includes testing for any vehicle modifications you may have undertaken.

Facilities to Test and Approve Vehicle Engineering

The facilities are located at:

  • The Sutton Road Driver Training Centre (previously the AFP Driving Training Complex), Queanbeyan, NSW. This facility is located on Sutton Road, off Yass Road on the way into Queanbeyan, just on the order side of the state border from Canberra.
  • Eastern Creek Dragway, Sydney NSW. This is conveniently located just beyond paramatta, in the western suburbs of Sydney.
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Engineering Certificates for Modified Production Vehicles

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Passenger Vehicle Braking System

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Motorcycle Body, Chassis or Frame, and Suspension

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Motorcycle Steering, Wheel or Tyres. and Transmission

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Trucks and Heavy Machinery

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Commonwealth State and Territory Legislation

What Testing Can I Do on Your Vehicle?

The facilities can be used for the following types of vehicle testing:

  • Wet handling tests
  • Wet braking tests
  • Short Circuit Track: This facility enables more extreme testing of vehicles, as the design of the track allows for extreme handling and braking tests to be undertaken.
  • Noise Tests: Vehicle noise tests can be carried out at the facilities, in a quiet environment with almost zero background noise.



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