Vehicle Design and Analysis of Gross Vehicle Mass, Gross Combined Mass, Tow Bar Capacity

AKZ Vehicle Engineering and Design Service offers professional vehicle services.

With over 20 years of experience across vehicle design, engineering, testing and documentation, We are able to develop engineering solutions for the modification of your vehicle. This includes vehicle design analysis of GVM-GCM (Gross Vehicle Mass – Gross Combination Mass), or the total weight that a vehicle can carry or tow.

Contact us us today to discuss your options for GVM, GCM or Tow bar upgrades.

Bring your vehicle into AKZ Vehicle Engineering and Design Service for a professional GVM-GCM upgrade. After the fitment, we will conduct a full wheel alignment on your vehicle. We also make sure to fit a new GVM-GCM stated compliance plate to your vehicle, with the details of the modification.

Other modifications include keeping the structure weight of your vehicle stable, developing pressure, calibrating displacements and the stress developed, compassion analyses, proposing and projecting a modified design of your vehicle, and finite element analyses.

We can provide engineering services and technical advice for most types of vehicles, including individually constructed vehicles (ICV – cars and bikes), modified production vehicles, imported vehicles and hot rods.



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