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AKZ Vehicle Engineering and Design Service is able to provide expert advice on vehicle engineering, as well as reports on modified vehicles, mechanical engineering and all your engineering signatory/certifier requirements.

Below is a list of some of the services that I provide.

Expert Advice for Your Vehicle Design and Engineering Projects

AKZ Vehicle Engineering and Design Service has access to several facilities for the testing and approval of vehicles for engineering purposes.

Facilities include the Sutton Road Driver Training Centre (previously the AFP Driving Training Complex), Queanbeyan, as well as Eastern Creek Dragway, Sydney.

Vehicle Engineering Certificates and Reports to Document Modifications

It is significant to look for advice as to whether or not the modifications will have need of conformity certification. This is important considering mainly when making any modifications to a vehicle’s brakes, steering, suspension, seating or seat belts.

There are many benefits of obtaining a Certified Engineer’s report for modifications made to a vehicle, including:

  • Avoid expenses on a modifying that later proves to be illegal
  • Maintain the vehicle’s insurance policy
  • Avoid cost and problem of the vehicle being defected

Professional Vehicle Design Analysis before Modifying Your Vehicle

When you are undertaking a modification of the car, you must first do a design analysis to understand the potential profits of modifying the car, as well as the cost of the service. Design analyses reduce the chance of ending up with the wrong vehicle design.


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